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Did you know that bees have been called the most invaluable species to the environment?

They were, in fact, just this year declared the most invaluable species on the planet. Why? According to the Guardian, “Some 250,000 species of flowering plants depend on bees for pollination. Many of these are crucial to world agriculture. Bees increase the yields of around 90 crops, such as apples, blueberries and cucumbers by up to 30%, so many fruits and vegetables would become scarce and prohibitively expensive.”

I’m J.P. Mackey, and by buying one of my bracelets, you can help save the bees. We will donate all proceeds to a global organization that teaches people to raise bees and gives them a starter kit to do so. They call it, giving the gift of honeybees. We call it a start.

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All bracelets include a signature bee bead and high quality stones.

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